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The Anachronism of Straight-Only Scouting

The Anachronism of Straight-Only Scouting

I originally conceived of this blog years ago… shortly after hearing James Dale speak about his experience of getting kicked from Scouting as a leader and his Supreme Court challenge to the Boy Scouts of America in 2000.

Things change, as they should, and I’ve been challenged to start blogging for real and maybe finding a new topic to blog.

As I think about it though, there is still a lot of work to do with the Boy Scouts. Sure, gay kids can be Scouts now and even earn their Eagle Scout Award–which is terrific. But gay leaders are still banned–those who would be good role models to the gay Scouts–and there is still a lot of hatred out there. I can see it on my Facebook newsfeed from friends, no less–some of whom I grew up with in Scouting.

It still surprises me, and it still feels so anachronistic, and there’s still so much to do.

Scouts’ Dishonor by Totally Biased

The Boy Scouts of America were considering a change in their policy about gay guys, so this piqued my interest and made me want to post again. Here’s the video that started it for me. It is, of course, hilarious.

A Faerie Tale

This is not a true story. It is a faerie tale—for adults. It might best be enjoyed by reading it in a breezy, sing-song fashion with lots of inflection and drama, as if reading a story to a classroom of first graders. But, who am I to say? Just don’t read it to your first grader–he’d probably get it and then it would  just upset him—like the old-time fairy tales.

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little boy who lived in a family with his mother and his father in a cozy little city where he safely played outside in the warm and dappled sunshine and planted his adorable little vegetable garden and took short little walks in the lovely little neighborhood and happily skipped all through the trees in the nearby forest looking at all the bugs and plants and ants and old forgotten things that slowly but surely get covered up with the soft and sweetly scented pine needles that fill the forest floor over the warm lovely summer.

Well, this little boy was the sweetest little boy that you could ever imagine, and he never complained, and he always ate his vegetables, and he never bothered his mother when she was doing housework, and he would always let his father read the newspaper and watch television undisturbed after work until he fell asleep, and he always kissed his mother and father on the cheek before going to bed to show that he loved his family, and he never forgot to kneel at bedtime and say his prayers to Jesus and thank him for everything in the whole wide world and then fall asleep and have wonderful dreams of happily skipping through the forest searching for his favorite things and making up stories and plays and pretending to be a magical wizard who could talk to animals and change the weather.

Well, one day while he was out skipping along as happily as he could in his most favorite part of the forest, someone yelled out at him and said, “Why are you skipping like a girl?”

…more to come….